Age Reversal 5 Acids 12% Skin Peel PH 3.5

$50 $70
An “AT HOME” skin peel to help rejuvenate your skin by promoting exfoliation and skin renewal. Use between skin clinic visits, when travelling and for good skin maintenance.

Contains - Glycolic Acid (Alphahydroxy acid / AHA ), Multifruit Acid (Alphahydroxy acid / AHA ), Gluconolactone (Polyhydroxy acid / PHA ), Lactobionic Acid (Polyhydroxy acid / PHA ), Salicylic Acid (Betahydroxy acid / BHA).

- Skin Brightening
- Promotes Exfoliation
- Skin Plumping & Skin Smoothing
- Helps control acne
- Promotes skin hydration
- Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The hydroxy acids help to soften skin blockages / sebaceous plugs in the skin’s pores and thereafter help their removal. These blockages include blackheads, milia and pimples.

Further, the AGE REVERSAL skin peel helps increase skin’s softness by promoting the skin shedding of dead skin cells and encouraging cellular turnover and renewal.

This helps to diminish the appearance of skin flaws including wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, acne and surface dryness.

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