Jade Roller & Gau Sha Set


Jade Roller & Gau Sha Set

Utilise the wisdom of ancient oriental beauty secrets with your at home Jade roller & Gau Sha 
The general purpose of the facial roller is to facilitate in a DIY lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to gently drain lymph (fluid) from skin and muscle tissue; and to help stimulate blood flow to the skin.


Jade Roller Benefits 

  1. Eliminates toxic wastes utilising the  lymphatic drainage, which improves stagnation & congestion in the skin due to improvements in blood circulation.
  2. Encourages healthy skin renewal due to stimulation of blood flow 
  3. Jade rollers improve the infusion of the skincare product into deeper layers of the skin. This facilitates up to 30% better absorption by the skin. 

Gau Sha Benefits 

  1. Stimulates blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins & impurities.
  2.  Releases built-up fluid retention in the face via lymphatic drainage.
  3. Can improve the appearance of dark circles as circulation increases.

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